What is the certification Label?

  • It’s a permanent label found on the B-pillar or the driver’s door edge.
  • Federal law, enforced by (NHTSA), requires every new vehicle to have a certification label.
  • NHTSA stipulates the minimum content and even the size of the letter on the label.
  • The type of material and the expected life of the label is spelled out by NHTSA as well.
  • In fact, Automotive ID’s replacement program was reviewed by NHTSA at the request of US Senator Christopher Bond. Although NHTSA cannot endorse a particular program, Automotive ID was informed that their replacement program is not in violation of any federal regulations.
  • This label is like any other part that is replaced in the collision repair process.
  • It’s not the VIN plate or tag – it’s a secondary identifier of the vehicle only.
  • Replacement Labels are new to the collision repair industry.

    A replacement driver door or a repaired B-pillar requires the certification label to be removed from the vehicle.

    • Some shops torch the label out and throw it in the glove box.
    • Some shops torch it out, make a copy and tape the paper copy back on.
    • In either case, the shop isn’t getting paid for torching or copying the label.

    Absent a solution, most shops just ignore it.

    Automotive ID has the solution.

    • Certification Labels for all makes and models in as fast as 24hours.
    • An online ordering system that’s easy to use and maintains a thorough record of each replacement label issued.
    • No emailing, no faxing, and no phoning-in credit card numbers. It’s all done online.

    One Step Closer to Pre-Accident Condition

    • Meets National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) content standards
    • Permanent and weatherproof
    • Contains the exact information as the original label
    • Fully functional bar codes

The anatomy of a certification label:

  • Tire pressure is critical for safety & tred wear
  • Rear axel weight rating critical for trucks
  • VIN – Much easier to read here than on the dash
  • Paint & Trim codes - Shops really appreciate these

Now you can put it back on and get paid for it

Ordering is easy


  1. Take a picture of the original label. No Flash, Macro Mode On
  2. Log on to Upload your pic & Submit


$125 per custom label - pre-mark up



Within 1 business day of ordering, your label can be at your shop if your zip code receives express mail from the US Postal Service.


1 or 2 day production turn-around plus US Postal Service first class mail transit time.

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